Friedrichsdorfer Institut zur Nachhaltigkeit (IzN) e.V.

Friedrichsdorfer Institut zur Nachhaltigkeit (IzN) e.V.

Ocean Energy promotion

Harvesting the energy of ocean and tidal streams and of waves (ocean energy) has the potential to contribute substantially to electric power supply needs in many countries.  At the same time ocean energy (OE) could play a vital role in global strategies against climate change. OE disposes of technological advantages compared to other renewable energies, such as high load factors and high predictability superseding the need for fossil fuel fired back-up plants.

In addition, the environmental impact of tidal turbines is marginal. OE has the potential for transformational change towards a low-carbon development pathway also in developing countries and emerging economies.

While respective technologies have successfully been piloted for many years, the most demanding challenge for commercialization today is the access to finance, adequate business models and implementation and risk mitigation concepts.

The objective of IzN in OE development is to analyse the needs of OE stakeholders such as host countries/utilities, manufacturers, financing institutions and donors, and subsequently to design concepts for projects with emphasis on sound business models and financing instruments.

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